10 Best Things to Do in Middleborough 

In southeastern Massachusetts, the town of Middleborough is wrapped in lovely rural landscapes of mill brooks, cranberry bogs and the largest lakes in the state.

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Middleborough's historic center was developed between the mid-1800s and the 1920s, and has retained much of its architecture from that period.

1. Middleborough Center

A prominent figure in Middleborough was Loyalist Peter Oliver, who served as Chief Justice of the Superior Court of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the early 1770s.

2. The Oliver Estate

3. Middleborough Historical Museum

4. Oliver Mill Park

5. Assawompset Pond Complex

6. Robbins Museum of Archaeology

7. Edaville Family Theme Park

8. Soule Homestead Education Center

9. Rocky Gutter Wildlife Management Area

10. Middleborough Public Library

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