Best Things to Do in Myrtos

Lovely white churches, secluded monasteries, mixed forests, pristine beaches and exciting archaeological sites wait for you to be discovered. Here is what not to miss while in Myrtos:

When traveling to the small village of Myrtos, you should definitely spend some of your time visiting one of the old bridges in the area.

1. Mournies Bridge

Myrtos Beach (not to be mistaken with Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia) is known for its silver sand, mixed with small fine polished silver pebbles.

2. Myrtos Beach

3. Selakano Forest

4. Tertsa Beach

5. Sarakina Gorge

6. Snorkeling and diving

7. Pyrgos

8. The Sanctuary for Donkeys

9. Fournou Korifi

10. Myrtos Museum

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