Best Things to Do in Newberry Caldera

The region is a mosaic of lakes, waterfalls, lava fields, pine forest, mineral springs, amazing trails and beautiful mountain peaks. What you should not miss if you decide to spend a few days here.

Located next to each other, the Twin Crater Lakes (Paulina Lake and East Lake) are among the main tourist attractions of the Newberry Caldera area.

1. Visit the Twin Crater Lakes

With its height of 60 feet, Paulina Falls is among the greatest beauties of central Oregon.

2. Go to Paulina Falls

3. Paulina Peak

4. Paulina Lake Loop Trail

5. Boating, kayaking and canoeing

6. Swimming and sunbathing

7. Enjoy the hot springs

8. The Obsidian Flow

9. Lava River Cave

10. Picnicking

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