Best Things To Do In Olympic Park

Hurricane Ridge

An epic drive awaits you. Take Heart O’ the Hills Road up Hurricane Ridge, so you can see a mind-blowing panorama of Puget Sound and Mt. Baker.

Olympic National Forest

Found on the Olympic Peninsula, this national forest stretches across more than 633,600 acres and encompasses five spectacular landscapes.

Ruby Beach

The reason Ruby Beach was given such a name is because there are red crystals in the sand—so you can imagine how beautiful this beach is when the sun starts to set.

Rain Forest Nature Trail

Also known as the Quinault Rainforest Nature Trail or the Quinault Nature Loop, this well trafficked loop is perfect for hikers of all skill levels.

Hoh Rain Forest

Emerald green and wet, the Hoh rain forest receives more than 130 inches of rain annually.

Marymere Falls

Take the Mount Storm King Trail near Lake Crescent to reach the glorious Marymere Falls. Along the way, you will cross a number of creeks and a moss-blanketed ravine.

Lake Crescent

A hidden gem in the northern hills of the Olympic Mountains. Lake Crescent was actually cut by the glaciers that once covered the region.

Shi Shi Beach

 Beach views await for those willing to hike through muddy and cobbled trails.

Lake Quinault

Sitting on the southern edge of the Olympic National Forest is Lake Quinault and a rainforest sharing the same name.

Sol Duc River

Also sometimes spelled as “Soleduck,” this river wends through over 78 miles of land, cutting through the Olympic Mountains and Olympic National park. 

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