Best Things to Do in Pomorie

Pomorie offers beautiful golden beaches, which are an excellent place to sunbathe for 4 months. The town is a popular spa destination where you can enjoy hot mineral springs and healing mud.

Built in the 7th century, the monastery of St. George is one of the oldest existing monasteries in Bulgaria.

1. St. George Monastery

Since ancient times Pomorie has always been an important center in the production of salt from sea water.

2. Museum of Salt

3. Lake Pomorie

4. Take a mud bath

5. Ulitsa Kraybrezhna (Coastal Street)

6. The Nativity of Theotokos Church

7. Visit the ancient Thracian domed tomb

8. The house-museum of Peyo Yavorov, the monument and the Yavorov rocks

9. Orthodox Church “The Holy Transfiguration of God”

10. The lighthouse of Pomorie

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