Best Things to Do in Querétaro

This little Mexican city roughly 3 hours north of the country’s capital is one of my absolute favorites. There are fun things to do in Querétaro, great restaurants in Querétaro

I really enjoyed the art in this small museum, but if that’s not your thing, the architecture is worth the entrance fee as well. It’s inside an old convent

Check out the City’s Many Museums

I was surprised to learn that this region of Mexico is home to a few great wineries and cheese producers. There’s actually a wine 

Take a Wine (And Cheese!) Tour

Explore the Churches

See the Ancient Pyramid of El Cerrito

Learn About Mexico’s History at Cerro de las Campanas

Wander Mercado La Cruz

Hike up Peña de Bernal

Visit Teatro de La Republica

Enjoy the Murals Inside the Palacio de Gobierno

 Take in the Views of Querétaro’s Aqueduct

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