Best Things To Do In Rotterdam

the Top of the Euromast

Anyone with a high vertigo tolerance should absolutely pay a visit to this popular attraction.

Admire the Erasmusbrug

A masterpiece of modern engineering designed by Ben van Berkel in 1996, this impressive suspension bridge spans more than 2,600 feet over the Maas River.

Try Poffertjes

These bite-sized sugar bombs are the absolute height of comfort food and have a special place in the hearts of just about every Dutch person.

the Maritime Museum

At the height of its global power in the 14th and 15th centuries, the Netherlands was renowned for its seafaring prowess.

the Markthal

Built right on the site where Rotterdam was founded back in 1270, this visually striking, beautifully colored structure houses a vibrant marketplace.

a Pancake Brunch on a Boat

For travelers with children, there’s no better way to take a break than this roving breakfast boat.

St. Lawrence Church

This spectacular 15th-century Protestant church, known as the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk in Dutch, dates back to medieval times. 

Stroll Through Het Park

This sprawling, gorgeously landscaped English-style garden dates back to 1852. It’s the perfect place for an idyllic afternoon of wandering along tree-lined paths.

the Curious Cube Houses

These architectural oddities have been synonymous with Rotterdam ever since Dutch designer Piet Blom created them in 1984. 

the Critters in the Rotterdam Zoo

Visitors of all ages can enjoy the Rotterdam Zoo, which boasts an incredible assortment of wildlife in its well-designed habitats and enclosures.

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