10 Best Things to Do in Skyros

Skyros is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It is known for its beaches, indented coastline, sea caves and seaside villages. The city of Skyros, or Chora, is in the wild northern part of the island.

1. Discover the beauty of the northwest coast (Agios Petros Beach)

2. Explore the old town of Skyros

3. Don’t miss Manos Faltaits Museum

4. Visit the castle of Lycomedes

5. Molos Beach – the best on the island

6. Try local wine at Stamatis Nikolaou Winery

7. Go to Saint George Monastery

8. Paralia Agalipa – one of the hidden gems

9. Visit the Brooke Monument

10. Discover the beauty of Glyfada Sarakino

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