Best Things to Do in Stow on the Wold

The Fosse Way, or Roman Road, runs directly over the town. It led to Londinium or London and provided a route to Exeter, Lincoln, Bath, Cirencester and Leicester.

Wander around the Stow market square

Visit the Tolkien Door at St Edward’s Church

Treat yourself to a coffee & cake at Huffkins

Have lunch at The Porch House, the Oldest Inn in England!

Go Stow antique shopping

Head into the Fosse Gallery

Have afternoon tea at Lucy’s

Visit the Old Fountain

Another historic landmark you can find in stow is the Old Fountain and Horse Trough. This sits in a place called The Triangle near Fosse Way road. 

See the Old Post Box

You’ll probably find many postboxes around the country today read “E R”. These initials stand for our current monarch, Elizabeth Regina, or Queen Elizabeth in Latin.

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