Best Things to do in Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaíso is a port city on the coast of Chile. its colourful, clifftop house. La Sebastiana, the quaint former residence of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, is now a museum with sweeping Pacific views.

Located at the top of a hill that overlooks Valparaiso’s beautiful bay, La Sebastiana was once the home of Chile’s most famous poet.

1. La Sebastiana

this fantastic funicular was named after Queen Victoria and the views that it offers up of Valparaiso are absolutely spectacular.

2. Ascensor Reina Victoria

3. Paseo Gervasoni

4. Ascensor El Peral

5. Plaza Sotomayor

6. Ascensor Concepcion

7. Museo Maritimo Nacional

9. Ascensor Artilleria

2. Palacio Baburizza

10. Pasaje Bavestrello

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