Best Things to Do in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities. Veliko Tarnovo is a captivating tourist center due to its Old Revival architecture, paved streets, many churches, museums and galleries.

Situated in the very heart of the old Bulgarian capital, this place is one of the most important landmarks of Veliko Tarnovo.

1. Boris Denev State Art Gallery

Tsarevets is one of the hills of the old Bulgarian capital and bears the same name as the fortress located at the very top of the hill.

2. Tsarevets Hill and Fortress

3. Trapezitsa Hill and Fortress

4. Church of St. Peter and Paul

5. Asen Dynasty Monument

6. Holy Forty Martyrs Church

7. Stambolov Bridge

8. Church of St. Dimitar of Thessaloniki

9. Old Town

10. Gurko Street

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