Best Things to Do in Westborough

Westborough has an upmarket air, reflected in the stately old commercial blocks downtown, and the palatial houses along West Main Street and its intersecting streets.

At the point where Main Street, South Street and Milk Street all meet, Westborough has a lovable central commercial district, blending history, dining and a busy events calendar

1. Downtown Westborough

One of the opulent houses on Parkman Street just off West Main Street downtown is the headquarters of the Westborough Historical Society.

2. The Sibley House (Westborough Historical Society)

3. Westborough Charm Bracelet Trail System

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4. Cold Harbor Brewing

5. Harry’s Restaurant

6. Crane Swamp

7. Whitehall State Park

8. Bay State Green

9. Broken Creek Vineyard and Winery

10. Chestnut Hill Farm

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