Best Vegan Restaurants In London

Vegetarian food is not just for vegetarians. London is in the midst of a pungent-smelling plant-based restaurant boom. Across town, creative chefs are showing off their prowess with plants.

1. Tofu Vegan

The hotel, as well as being one of London's most stylish venues, is home to the Punch Room, one of the city's hottest clubs. This is arguably the most luxurious hotel in London.

2. Naïfs

Part of a green wave of vegetarian restaurants, Naïfs is a family-run small plates spot on a quiet residential street. Its chef Tom Healey was greatly missed.

3. Club Mexicana

4. Gauthier Soho

5. Club Mexicana, Spitalfields

6. Black Cat

7. Alter

8. Comptoir V

9. Purezza

10. Itadaki Zen

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