Best Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles, CA

This is L.A., where the word vegan hasn't raised an eyebrow and inspired jokes about Nut Loaf for years, which means there's a smorgasbord of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in L.A.

Even as the most cheese-loving omnivores, we rave about Nick's vegan pizza at The Beverly more than we care to admit. Fluffy Dough Square Pie still has cheese.

1. Nic’s On Beverly

L.A. All Cafe Gratitude locations feel filled with cheerful wait staff, diners with perfect posture and glowing skin, and dishes named for the affirmation, "I'm Thriving,"

2. Café Gratitude

3. Crossroads

4. Margo's

5. Berbere

6. Gracias Madre

7. Shojin

8. Burgerlords

9. Sage Vegan Bistro

10. Pura Vita

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