The best villas in Italy to rent

Call it 'The White Lotus' effect on Italy for 2023. The address of a huge palazzo or farmhouse in Tuscany - in Sicily or Tuscany, with a pool, a view and plenty of space for the whole crew.

If you're here to live out the White Lotus fantasy, the dazzling Italian palazzo by Harper Spiller and Daphne Sullivan Meghan Fahey is available to rent on Airbnb.

Villa Tasca, Sicily

Movie-lovers will recognize this traditional, centuries-old villa set in Cortona from 2003's Under the Tuscan Sun.

Villa Laura, Tuscany

Villa Abruzzo, Abruzzo

Puglian Paradise, Puglia

Villa San Barberino, Tuscany

Villa Rafael, Sardinia

Trullo Gaura, Puglia

Villa Argilla, Tuscany

Villa Cetinale, Tuscany

Sognante, Sicily

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