Best Waterfall in Every U.S. State

Waterfalls have a somewhat mystical place in our psyche. Raw and enchanting, they make you feel small. And sometimes, the best ones are just fun to check off your travel list.

Other waterfalls in Alabama might be considered more spectacular, or at least taller 

Little River Falls, Alabama

Horsetail Falls is a twofer: stunning in the summer and an exceptional ice-climbing destination in the winter when the cascade freezes. 

Horsetail Falls, Alaska

Grand Falls, Arizona

The famed waterfall of Havasupai is, without a doubt, a spectacle, but permitted access is tricky. 

Twin Falls, Arkansas

Burney Falls, California

North Clear Creek Falls, Colorado

Kent Falls, Connecticut

Brandywine Creek Falls, Delaware

Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park, Florida

Amicalola Falls, Georgia

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