Best Waterfalls in New Jersey

Lake Solitude Waterfall – High Bridge

Known for the 2020 viral TikTok video that put this spot on the map, Lake Solitude has become a recent tourist destination.

Buttermilk Falls – Layton

Buttermilk Falls takes second place to The Great Falls as the largest waterfall in New Jersey, but it takes first place for the tallest!

Boonton Falls – Boonton

Many know Button is home to a quaint and charming town, but what they don’t know is that it is also home to a spectacular waterfall.

Silver Spray Falls – Layton

“Hidden Falls,” Silver Spray Falls is just a stone’s throw away from Buttermilk Falls. that’s just part of the charm of this waterfall.

Ramapo Waterfall – Mahwah

Located in the Ramapo Valley County Reservation, this waterfall runs through the Ramapo Mountains, a forested chain of the Appalachians.

Hemlock Falls – South Orange

Hemlock Falls is another of the most popular waterfalls in New Jersey, with both beautiful scenery and historic roots.

Tillman Falls – Layton

Buttermilk or Silver Spray Falls at Tillman Falls. Located In Stokes State Park, Tillman Falls is also along the Appalachian Trail.

Peanut Leap Cascade – Alpine

The best hikes in New Jersey, this trail leads to the beautiful Peanut Leap Waterfall which is a must-see.

Tinton Falls – Tinton Falls

This waterfall was once known as one of the largest waterfalls on the New Jersey coast, but due to its usage for power to the city.

Worthington State Forest Waterfalls – Columbia

Also known as Laurel Falls, there are two charming waterfalls located in Worthington State Park.

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