Best Waterfalls in Spain

Cascada del Nervion

Cascada del Nervion, also commonly referred to as Salto del Nervion, is the tallest waterfall in Spain. It plummets over 600 feet in it’s single drop.

Pozo de los Humos

The falls are massive in the wet months, and the sound the water cascading over this spot is loud during the rainy season.

Cascada de Orbaneja

Cascada de Orbaneja is a waterfall that flows through the civilized world in Orbaneja del Castillo.

La Cimbarra

This waterfall is found in a gorge of Rio Guarrizas. The best option for viewing La Cimbarra is via a 1.2km loop trail.

Cascada de Linarejos

This beautiful waterfall is located in the mountains of Cazorla. It is easy to access for most visitors, including children.

Salto de Sallent

Salto de Sallent is located near Sant Privat d’en Bas. This waterfall has the same name as another waterfall in Spain located near Rubit.

Salto de Sallent (Rubit)

This waterfall has the same name as another waterfall near Sant Privat d’en Bas. The falls at Rubit are more popular and easier to access.

Salto de la Novia

Salto de la Novia, is not the easiest of waterfalls to access, due to slippery steps that can be algae covered. It can be accessed by foot or car.

Chorros del Rio Mundo

Chorros del Rio Mundo is one of the easiest waterfalls to access, as it’s only a short walk from a carpark to reach it.

Cascada del Diablo

The Cascada del Diablo is a waterfall that is popular for picnics and taking photos. It is easy to reach even for small children.

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