Best Zorbing Locations In The USA

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Located in the Smoky Mountains, this area offers zorbing experiences where you can roll down gentle slopes within a zorb ball.

New York Adventure Club, New York

This organization occasionally hosts zorbing events in the New York City area, providing a unique way to experience the city's parks.

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Some adventure parks in the Lake Tahoe area offer zorbing on water, where you roll on the surface of the lake inside a zorb ball.

Las Vegas, Nevada

A few adventure companies in the Las Vegas area provide zorbing experiences, allowing you to roll down desert hills while enjoying the views.

Florida Adventure Sports, Florida

This adventure company offers zorbing on water, providing a fun and unique way to stay cool in Florida's warm climate.

Denver, Colorado

Some adventure parks in the Denver area may offer zorbing experiences, allowing you to roll down slopes in the picturesque Rocky Mountains.

Phoenix, Arizona

Due to the warm climate, some adventure companies in Phoenix offer zorbing on water, which can be a refreshing experience.

Austin, Texas

Occasionally, adventure events featuring zorbing may be organized in the Austin area, giving locals and visitors a chance to try out this unique activity.

Seattle, Washington

While relatively rare, you might find zorbing events being held in the Seattle area during special occasions or festivals.

Orlando, Florida

Given the city's focus on entertainment and adventure, it's possible that some parks or adventure centers in Orlando may offer zorbing experiences.

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