Biggest Airports in the U.S.

Denver International Airport, Colorado

 When you ask “what are the largest airports in the US”, you may expect Denver to be on that list – but not as the largest of all.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas

Dallas/Fort Worth is number 2 on this list, covering around 70 square kilometers (27 square miles) of land. 

Orlando International Airport, Florida

Orlando International Airport is a really busy place, considering that it serves Walt Disney World and this tourist-rich area.

Washington International Airport, Washington

 It’s not a surprise that Dulles, with its location on the Northern Virginia side of Washington DC, is one of the biggest airports in the US. 

George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is Houston's main airport, owned by the City of Houston.

Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah 

Found just outside of Salt Lake City, SLC airport covers around 12 square miles 31 square kilometers of area.

 O’Hare International Airport, Chicago

 O’Hare International Airport, with its fairly central location in the Midwest, is a popular airport that sees over 80 million passengers a year.

San Francisco International Airport, California

 San Francisco International is one of four airports that serve the Bay Area, and it is the only one on this list of the largest airports in the US.

 John F Kennedy Airport, New York City

 Yet another expected option among the largest airports in the US is John F Kennedy Airport in New York City.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Michigan

One of the biggest surprises on this list is the 3 square mile Detroit Metropolitan Airport, located just outside of the city in Wayne County. 

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