Cherry Blossoms Places Around The World

 South Korea

Thanks to the K-drama, fans are well aware that cherry trees line the streets of Seoul every spring. cherry blossom fields prominent areas of seoul.


In case you didn't know, they actually bloom relatively earlier than in Japan and Korea, you can actually see these vibrant cherry trees in many parts of the country.


You would be surprised to know that Thailand boasts of its own grove of cherry trees in spring! The most popular area in the country to see these pink flowers would be.

Brooklyn, New York

New York is known for its skyscrapers, neon lights and billboards, the crown jewel of its neighboring borough, Brooklyn, where you'll find the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Vancouver, Canada

The annual cherry blossom festival in Vancouver, Canada has a beautiful story of its origins. In the 1930s, the Japanese cities of Kobe and Yokohama hosted World War I fighters.

London, England

A handful of beautiful parks and gardens welcome cherry trees in abundance every spring. Although Japan's spring flowers are certainly unmatched.


Can you imagine anything more beautiful than cherry blossoms blooming in its background? Spring time in this Scottish town is nothing short of beautiful.

Jerte Valley, Spain

If you're looking for a field of cherry blossom trees, the Jerte Valley in Spain can legitimately offer just that. Rows of white-red cherry trees cover the hills.

Washington DC, USA

Another display of friendship between the two countries, the United States by the mayor of Tokyo to celebrate the friendship between the Japanese and American people, 1912.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

A trip to Gardens By The Bay's annual cherry blossom event is a great way to enjoy sakura in Singapore.

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