Chichen Itza Tours

The Casa Colorada (Spanish for “Red House”), is one of the best preserved buildings at Chichen Itza.

Casa Colorada

Temple of the Bearded Man

The Temple of the Bearded Man or the North Temple is a small masonry building with detailed bas-relief carvings on the inner walls.

Named la Iglesia (the Church) by the Spanish, probably because it was located right next to the Nunnery.

La Iglesia

Tomb of the High Priest

The Tomb of the High Priest or Osario Temple is a step-pyramid temple with staircases on each side.

Sacred Cenote

The Sacred Cenote is a sinkhole that is connected to Chichen Itza by a raised pathway.

Temple of the Skulls

Alongside the Great Ball Court is the Tzompantli (Temple of the Skulls), one of the most gruesome temples in Chichen.

Chichen Itza contain no less than 8 ball courts, but the Main Ball Court is by far the most impressive.

Main Ball Court

El Caracol or Observatory is a round building on a large square platform dating to around 906 AD.

El Caracol

The Temple of the Warriors is a large stepped pyramid that was named after the surrounding carved columns depicting warriors.

Temple of the Warriors

Located in the center of an open court stands the Temple of Kukulkan, also referred to as El Castillo (the castle in Spanish)

Temple of Kukulkan

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