European hot springs to visit in 2023

From Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon to ancient sulfur streams in the Pyrenees, here's a rundown of some of Europe's best hot springs if you're looking for a proper soak in 2023.

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The most famous geothermal pool in Europe. Rising from rugged lava fields 30 minutes from Reykjavik, Iceland could be mistaken for a natural landscape.

1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The healing waters have been enjoyed by the Celts to the Saxons since their discovery by the famous British Prince Bledad.

2. Thermae Bath Spa, Bath, England

3. Hévíz Lake, Hévíz, Hungary

4. Bains de Dorres, Pyrenees, France

5. 7132 Therme Vals, Switzerland

6. Palia Kameni, Santorini, Greece

7. Széchenyi Baths, Budapest, Hungary

8. Hammam Al Ándalus, Granada, Spain

9. Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme, Wiesbaden, Germany

10. Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czech Republic

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