10 European River Cruise Destinations

10 Amazing European Experiences are located within easy reach of popular hubs for European river cruises such as Amsterdam, Budapest, Paris, Basel, Bucharest and Porto.

After you’ve finished up your Seine river cruise in Paris or perhaps before you start a trip down the Rhone in Avignon, why not spend some time living the good life on the Riviera?

The French Riviera

A river trip down the dreamy Douro River Valley in northern Portugal will put you on a first-name basis with Portugal's second city, Porto. A stop in the capital, Lisbon, is a must.

Lisbon, Portugal

If your journey begins or finishes in the city of Basel, a trip into the Swiss Alps would make for a perfect complement to the river cruise experience.

The Swiss Alps

Lake Balaton, Hungary

Transylvania, Romania

Brussels, Belgium

Lake Como, Italy

Munich, Germany

London, United Kingdom

Annecy, France

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