10 Facts About San Antonio

Texas is a very interesting place, but just how interesting it really is, these 10 weird and fun facts about San Antonio are almost too weird to believe

1. It was named the most romantic city in America by Amazon based on the number of romantic books and movies purchased.

2. SeaWorld San Antonio is the largest marine-life park in the entire world.

3. The Tower of the Americas is a whopping 750 feet tall and provides a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

4. Pope John Paul II deemed San Antonio the "most Catholic" city in the country.

5. Shaq first learned how to play b-ball in his San Antonio high school.

6. The first Church's Chicken restaurant opened in San Antonio.

7. Gatorade was invented by a San Antonio native, Robert Cade.

8. It's techincally illegal to flirt or respond to someone else's advances with the eyes or hands in San Antonio.

9. Ozzy Osbourne was once banned from playing in the city for ten years after relieving himself on the Alamo.

10. The first five air conditioned buildings in America were located in San Antonio.

10. Reading Terminal Market

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