Famous Chicago Food

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Whether you are a foodie or a foodie, make sure to add these 5 iconic Chicago foods to your Chicago food bucket list the next time you

Deep Dish Pizza

Most Famous Food Chicago Is Known For Its Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza! The Main Difference Between Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza And Other Forms Of Pizza Is That The Crust Is Darker.

Chicago Hot Dog

Chicago hot dogs are a local legacy, and once again, one may argue which restaurant or street stand serves up the best Chicago dog.

Italian Beef Sandwich

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich is the best street food in Chicago that no visitor or local should pass up. This sandwich consists of roasted sirloin that is cooked in a seasoned broth.

Chicago Style Popcorn

If you’re looking for the best snacks in Chicago, hit up one of the many Garrett Popcorn shops! there is literally no other gourmet popcorn on Earth that compares to Chicago’s famous Garrett Popcorn.

Fried Chicken

One of the best Chicago food items is the mouth-watering fried chicken. Not any fried chicken, however, Harold's Chicken Shack is the most popular spot when it comes to Chicago's iconic foods.

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