Famous Foods In Las Vegas

Dirty Corn

Well, not literally it’s dirty corn! But if you have already tried several burgers and hot dogs in Las Vegas.

 L.A. Lasagna

Lasagnas are part of full course meals but landing in Las Vegas is like letting all the rules broken. 

Sage Fried Chicken

For those who always love to eat extra this dish is definitely going to be very satisfying for them.

Belly Of The Beast Burger

American food screams the stereotype of ‘burgers’ as if you can pack anything between two baked buns and it will end up tasty. 

Macaroni And Cheese Carbonara

Carbonaras are boring in their regular forms that’s why just like any other thing which is from Las Vegas.

Mac Con Queso

Another experience of regular mac and cheese that will definitely blow your mind. Since they don't even have regular corn.

Trash Can Nachos

I know most of the names of the food in Las Vegas sound like some vagabond came up with them.

Pastrami Burger

Who leaves LA without eating a pastrami burger? It may sound very simple but the taste of this regular burger.

Spicy Shrimp

Seafood is super tasty when they are fried. Perhaps the chefs of LA know this art much better than anyone else. 

Foie Gras Cotton Candy

With the succeeding sigh of cotton candy, anyone can predict its a dessert or at least a sweet treat in Las Vegas.

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