Famous Street Food In New York City

Mamak Rendang Stew

Mamak Rendang offers almost all the dishes from a South Asian country of Malaysia.

Makina Ethinopian Food

Makina offers traditional Ethiopian cuisine which is a very huge favourite with the local African population.

NY Dosas

New York Dosas is a South Indian outlet owned by Thiru Kumar is famous for its wide range of mouthwatering dosas.

Nuts 4 Nuts

Nuts 4 Nuts is a single franchise with multiple outlets or rather carts roaming all through New York City. 


Calexico is one of the very few Mexican outlets present in the New York City and prepares some very nice Mexican cuisine most traditionally. 

Breakfast cart Bagels

Breakfast Cart Bagels is a chain of carts all through the city. However, it has most of its carts outside the subway stations of New York.

Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck

Lobster Rolls are quite a famous traditional dish of England which is greatly enjoyed the British. 

Divine Flavored Food Truck

Divine Flavored Food truck was started by a Nigerian immigrant by the name Godshelter Oluwalogbon.

Banh Mi Cart

Banh Mi Cart is a food venture by some Vietnamese immigrants and offers traditional Vietnamese cuisine and mouthwatering delicacies.

Uncle Gussy’s

Uncle Gassi's is a famous restaurant that serves excellent Greek cuisine. It is said that along with Greeks, other nationalities also come here.

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