Famous War Memorials In America

Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, Washington D.C.

This unique black granite war memorial was designed and created by the architect Maya Lin, a Yale undergraduate when she designed it.

National Memorial Arch at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Commemorates the arrival of General George Washington with the Continental Army at Valley Forge.

World War II Valor in the Pacific Monument, Honolulu

Spread across multiple sites in Honolulu, this popular Hawaii war memorial pays tribute to the lives of those Americans.

Bunker Hill Memorial, Boston

The Bunker Hill Memorial now forms part of the Freedom Trail in Boston. It commemorates the Revolutionary War and its first major battle.

Liberty Memorial, Missouri

Forming part of the National WWI Museum, the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, stands at close to 220 feet tall.

Virginia War Memorial, Virginia

This memorial has been created from glass and stone, and it was designed by the architect SJ Collins.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Archway , Connecticut

This is an iconic memorial archway that has become a real landmark in this city. 

Indianapolis War Memorial, Indianapolis

Designed by the architects Frank Walker and Harry Weeks, this building really stands out.

US Marine Corps War Memorial, Washington D.C.

Another great war memorial in Washington D.C. is the US Marine Corps War Memorial, which was created by Felix W de Weldon.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Virginia

Located in Arlington, Virginia, this military memorial is one of the most famous at Arlington National Cemetery.

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