Fun Facts About The Statue Of Liberty

Her spiky hat is symbolic

Yes, each of the seven spikes on her crown represent the seven oceans and the seven continents of the world.

She is actually French

Given as a gift to celebrate the centennial of the American Revolution and the friendship between the two countries.

The statue served as a lighthouse

If you were thinking that she had no use and was just a big piece of metal, think again, she actually served as a lighthouse.

Her head isn't on properly

In 1982, people discovered that the head had actually been installed 2 feet off center. 

Nobody is allowed in the torch

In 1916 the statue suffered minor damages from the Germans and nobody has been allowed to go into the torch since.

Lightning doesn't strike twice, does it

It is thought that the Statue has actually been struck 600 times by lightning... what would you expect from a huge monument made of metal.

She escaped her chains

Although you can't see, at the feet of the statue are broken chains symbolizing the country's progress from oppression and slavery.

Why is she green

The statue is green because of the oxidation of copper. It's not paint! The metal is slightly damaged and corroded.


The girl isn't that skinny. Being 35 feet across the waist and with a size 879 shoe, she really is on the larger side. Big is beautiful.

She's a Hollywood star, too

Rather a 'disaster movie trope'. The statue destroyed in the film Independence Day (1996) has been a feature in several other films.

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