Hikes In San Francisco

The most popular hike in San Francisco leads hikers to the sandy Golden Gate beach.

Lands End Trail

Twin Peaks

Hike to this pair of 922-foot tall peaks, a prominent lookout point in the big city.

The Redwood Creek Trail is right off the Pacific Coast Highway, which is arguably one of the most scenic highways in the United States.

Redwood Creek Trail

Diablo Summit

Known as one of the ecological treasures of San Francisco Bay, Mount Diablo State Park is rich with both history and incredible views of the bay.

Mt. Livermore

An Angel Island trek away from the crowds but up close and personal with the native flora.

Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail

The Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail is one of my favorites. The cliff-dwelling lighthouse boldly straddles a thin ocean rock.

Hike through coastal shrubs on the teetering edge of beachfront cliffs just outside of San Francisco.

Tennessee Valley Trail

This scenic loop trail takes hikers through a variety of ecosystems in Mt. Tamalpais State Park.

Steep Ravine Trail & Dipsea Trail

The California Coastal Trail is an easy hiking trail from the historic San Francisco Presidio.

California Coastal Trail

Batteries to Bluffs Trail is in my top 5 San Francisco hiking trails. This is an outdoor excursion you don’t want to miss in the SF Presidio.

Batteries to Bluffs Trail

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