Hiking the Koko Crater Trail

The Koko Crater Trail, better known as the "Koko Head Stairs," is your Stairmaster workout for the day, with panoramic views from the top.

Stairs Stairs Stairs And yes, more stairs! I'm referring to the old railroad ties that run up the hill from bottom to top.

This Oahu hike is easy to find, easy to park, easy to navigate, but not so easy to climb!

The dirt trail is a short 100 yards from the park path, before reaching the first step of "the stairs".

As you climb up the Cocoa Head stairs, not only does the horizon view keep expanding, but new vistas appear like Hanauma Bay.

There are a total of 1,050 steps from the bottom to the top of the ridge.  And in all fairness it feels more like 2,100 steps!

There is a safe bypass around to the right side, if you wish to avoid crossing the bridge.

You will also discover a beautiful backside to the ridge, with views of the lava rock coastline and extensive Sandy Beach.

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