Ice Skating Spots At Rockefeller Center

The Rink at Rockefeller Center

The iconic ice skating rink is located in the heart of Rockefeller Center and offers a magical experience with a stunning backdrop of surrounding skyscrapers.

Top of the Rock

While not an ice skating rink, the observation deck at the Top of the Rock provides breathtaking views of the skating rink below.

Bar SixtyFive

This rooftop bar at Rockefeller Center provides a cozy setting to enjoy a drink while watching the skaters below on The Rink.

The Sea Grill

A fine dining restaurant overlooking the ice skating rink, offering a gourmet meal with a front-row view of the skaters' graceful moves.

Cucina & Co.

A casual dining spot with a window view of the ice skating rink, perfect for grabbing a quick bite while enjoying the skating action.

Radio City Music Hall

Though not directly at Rockefeller Center, this famous venue often offers special events that can be combined with ice skating.

The LEGO Store

After a skating session, you can explore the impressive LEGO creations and sets at this store located nearby.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Take a leisurely stroll to this iconic cathedral, just a short walk from Rockefeller Center, to experience its grandeur and tranquility.

NBC Studios

While not open to the public for ice skating, the NBC Studios nearby add to the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

The Channel Gardens

This beautifully landscaped area leads up to the skating rink and is a great spot for relaxing and people-watching while taking.

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