Instagrammable Places in Banff Park

The Banff Pedestrian Bridge

To kick off this list of the most Instagrammable places to visit in Banff I’m starting with a few places in Banff town.

Banff Ave

Banff Ave is easily one of the most photographed places in Banff National Park.

Sulphur Mountain

For me, the Banff Gondola is the most spectacular Gondola ride in Canada. And even though the journey isn't very long.

Vermillion Lakes

If you love reflections then you simply must visit Vermillion Lakes just outside of Banff town! These large shallow lakes are pretty spectacular, however.

Mt Norquay Chairlift

One of the most surprising places I’ve visited in Banff National Park was Mt Norquay.

 Morant’s Curve

Moving further out of Banff takes us to the Bow Valley Parkway. This breathtaking scenic drive has many amazing viewpoints and attractions.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is without a doubt one of the most scenic lakes in all of Canada. The lake has the perfect amount of rock flour.

Lake Agnes Tea House

From Lake Louise, there are plenty of different hiking trail options in Banff National Park.

Moraine Lake

Another Instagramble spot in Banff National Park located near Lake Louise is the famous Moraine Lake. Moraine Lake is arguably the most photographed lake.

 Lake Minnewanka

The lakes in Banff National Park are really some of the most beautiful places to visit. 

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