Interesting Facts About NY Central Park

Sheep Meadow

Set at the heart of urban chaos, Sheep Meadow offers a pastoral retreat. This space once used to serve as a grazing area for sheep.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

These architectural masterpieces with the Angel of the Waters statue atop the Bethesda Fountain symbolising purity.

Central Park Zoo

Set within the park, the Central Park Zoo serves as home to many animals, and is a haven for people of all ages.

The Great Lawn

It was once a reservoir, and is now a sprawling green expanse for communal events.

Shakespeare Garden

This area has been set up as a tribute to the Bard's works, and is a serene enclave where visitors can see plants and flowers that finds a mention.


There is this Central Park Lake that offers visitors the option to paddle across its serene waters on rowboats.

Strawberry Fields

This space serves as a living memorial to the Beatles' John Lennon, and also features the Imagine mosaic, an international symbol of peace.

Belvedere Castle

Nestled atop Vista Rock, Belvedere Castle lets you enjoy scenic views of the park.

Conservatory Garden

More like a gem of a place, this place is divided into three prominent sections inspired by French, Italian, and English garden styles.

Central Park's wildlife

Yes, you can spot a wide variety of wildlife here. While birdwatchers can spot more than 200 species of bird.

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