Kalalau Trail Napali Coast Hiking, Kauai

Advance reservations are now required for all vehicles, walk-in entry, and shuttle riders visiting Haena State Park, as well as day hikers accessing the Kalalau Trail.

Parking at Haena State Park is limited to 100 stalls, so we recommend taking the Kauai North Shore Shuttle.

The Kalalau Trail is one of the most difficult and challenging hikes on Kauai. Follow in the footsteps of ancient Hawaiians.

This part of the trail becomes strenuous and steep as the trail climbs 800 feet above Hanakapi Canyon.

The trail crosses the stream well into the valley, so there is no shoreline at Hanakoa.

Allow a long day (8+ hours) to complete the round trip from Haina State Park to Hanako.

The trail was rebuilt from 1935–1937 and continues to be maintained to fight erosion from weather, feral goats, and wild boar.

Hiking Kalalau requires a little planning and general conditioning.

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