Largest Dams In The United States

Oroville Dam (770 feet)

Construction on the Oroville Dam began in 1957 after decades of need for irrigation and power became a reality around the Sacramento area. 

Hoover Dam (726 feet)

The Hoover Dam is probably the most famous dam in all of the United States. Completed in 1936.

Dworshak Dam (717 feet)

The Dworshak Dam is a gravity dam located on the North Fork of the Clearwater River in Idaho. 

Glen Canyon Dam (710 feet)

The Glen Canyon Dam is a large dam located on the Colorado River in the northern part of Arizona. 

New Bullards Bar Dam (645 feet)

New Bullards Bar Dam is a radius concrete arch dam located slightly southeast of the Oroville Dam. 

Hoover Dam (8.95 cubic miles)

The Hoover Dam is the second tallest in the United States but is the first regarding the amount of water it holds back.

Glen Canyon Dam (8.53 cubic miles)

The Glen Canyon Dam is also on our top 5 list again, only this time, it’s in second place.

Garrison Dam (7.05 cubic miles)

The Garrison Dam makes its way to third on our list by capacity, without being one of the tallest.

Oahe Dam (6.98 cubic miles)

The Oahe Dam is similar to the Garrison Dam in that it’s a large earthen dam on the Missouri River; only this one is in South Dakota.

Fort Peck Dam (5.52 cubic miles)

The Fort Peck Dam is the highest dam along the Missouri River, although not high enough to make it on our “tallest dams” list. 

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