Largest Rivers In The United States

Green River- 730 miles

The Green River flows through Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. This river has many cities on its banks.

Brazos River- 840 miles

The Brazos River only flows through Texas, and it flows across a very large portion of the state. 

Colorado River of Texas- 862 miles

The Colorado River in Texas is another large river that flows across a large portion of the state. 

Canadian River- 906 miles

The Canadian River is nowhere near Canada. It flows through Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

 Tennessee River- 935 miles

The more aptly named Tennessee River is a large body of water that flows through Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

Ohio River- 981 miles

The Ohio River is a very large river that flows into Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana along with its nearly 1,000-mile flow. 

Snake River- 1,040 miles

The Snake River has been home to Native Americans for over 10,000 years, and it was one of the areas explored during the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Columbia River- 1,243 miles

The Columbia River flows through Oregon and Washington in the United States.

Red River- 1,360 miles

Although it’s sometimes called the Red River of the South, the name comes from the reddish color of the water. 

Colorado River- 1,450 miles

The Colorado River flows through many states including Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, and Nevada. 

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