Most Amazing Natural Arches In The World

Rainbow Bridge, Utah

The most impressive natural arch has to be the Rainbow Bridge in Utah. It is the largest natural bridge in the world.

Elephant Trunk Hill, China

It is impossible not to mention China’s Elephant Trunk Hill with its impressive features. 

Durdle Door, U.K.

Unlike many other arches, the Durdle Door in the United Kingdom is privately owned. Located near Lulworth in Dorset.

Delicate Arch, Utah

The most famous rock arch in the world is the Delicate Arch. It is located in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah, and is a popular tourist attraction. 

Arco Naturale, Capri, Italy

Located off the island of Capri, this natural arch is considered the remains of a collapsed cavern. The sheer bulk of it is what makes it unique.

Hvítserkur, Iceland

Once the volcano’s plug, this large chunk of volcanic rock juts 50 feet out of the water. Located within the tidal basin itself.

Étretat, France

Known for its cliffs, there are three unique arches featured in Etretat. However, the most widely visited and known natural arch is called the “Manneporte.”

North Window, Utah

The North Window is an incredibly massive natural arch on a looping trail in Arches National Park, including several other natural rock arches.

Pont d’Arc, France

Another incredible land bridge is the Pont d’Arc. It’s located in a popular kayaking and canoeing area popularly described as the entrance to the Ardeche Canyon.

Natural Bridges State Beach, California

Natural Bridges State Beach is a day-use area located near Santa Cruz. A fee is required for the pass to access the beach.

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