Most Beautiful Castles in the World

Palaces were built to be the tallest and largest. While most of the magnificent castles are in Europe, there are many around the world. Here's a round-up of the most beautiful palaces in the world!

Perched atop a forested mount with the majestic Bavarian Alps behind it, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria looks as if it has just emerged from a book of children’s fairytales.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Located at the point where three lochs meet, Eilean Donan in Scotland is truly blessed when it comes to its spectacular setting.

2. Eilean Donan

3. Pena Castle

4. Bran Castle

5. Alcazar of Segovia

6. Hohenzollern Castle

7. Spis Castle

8. Swallow's Nest

9. Cochem Castle

10. Trakai Island Castle

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