Most Beautiful Islands in Brazil

Brazil is also home to beautiful islands? So if you've always dreamed of escaping to an exotic tropical location, you might want to check out the following stunning Brazilian islands.

This mountainous island, which was made a state park in 1962, is located off of the southernmost point of the state of Sao Paulo.

10. Ilha do Cardoso

Ilha do Marajo is one of Brazil’s most unique islands. For one thing, it is not located in the ocean, but can be found at the mouth of the Amazon River.

9. Ilha do Marajo

8. Ilha do Campeche

7. Ilha de Itamaraca

6. Ilha do Mel

5. Ilhabela

4. Ilha de Santa Catarina

3. Ilha de Tinhare

2. Ilha Grande

1. Fernando de Noronha

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