Most Beautiful Places in New York City

Statue of Liberty

I’m fairly certain you know about the Statue of Liberty, so it’s a no-brainer that it would feature on this list. 

Central Park

For a walk within a landscaping masterpiece, look no further than Central Park. This bustling oasis of nature is four km long and 0.8 km wide.

Old City Hall Subway Station

Few people associate beauty with a subway station, but the Old City Hall has the prettiest one you’ll ever see.

 The High Line

The High Line in the Chelsea district is one of the trendiest parts of the city. The park and communal area is built on an old elevated rail line.

Madison Square Park

Hidden away in the heart of New York City is a pristine two-acre square park with a lot of history. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Another iconic part of this vibrant city is Brooklyn Bridge, and the best place for sweeping views of this landmark is Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

Prospect Park

This list is not short of breathtaking outdoor spaces, but one of the most expansive you can visit is Prospect Park. 

Times Square

Times Square’s beauty is unique compared to the city’s plethora of parks. With a dazzling light display from billboards.


Architecture is a big part of New York’s make-up, and SoHo is one of the best areas to admire the city’s buildings.

Wall Street

At first glance, this financial district in Lower Manhattan isn’t your typical idea of a pretty neighbourhood. 

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