most evocative movies filmed in Italy

Italy is one of the most cinematic sites in Europe, with its romantic city, dramatic islands and millennies of history - a little surprise has been here in many unforgettable screen moments.

This classic psychological thriller uses a familiar landscape of Venice to create a world that is beautiful and funny in similar measurements.

1. Don’t Look Now (1973), Venice

The impossible setting of this failgood literary story is really good to be true. Its uncontrolled place is actually divided on two islands.

2. Il Postino (1994), Sicily and Prodica

Francis Ford Kopola's gangster saga is all American, but there are lots of Italy - especially, Sicily.

3. The Godfather (1972), Sicily

4. Cinema Paradiso (1988), Sicily

5. A Room With A View (1985), Florence

6. L’Avventura (1960), Sicily

7. The Pink Panther (1963), Dolomites

8. A Bigger Splash (2015), Pantelleria

9. Call Me By Your Name (2017), Lombardy

10. The Italian Job (1969), Turin

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