Most Remote Town In The U.S.

 Crested Butte, Colorado

Our list of the most isolated cities in America begins with Colorado. Crested Butte is a ski resort town that spans only 0.7-square-miles.

 Marfa, Texas

Deep in the high desert of West Texas, Marfa has a population of 2,121 and the skies are quite open. It's Home to a Weird Work of Art: A Storefront That Looks Like a Prada Store.

Eureka, Nevada

Eureka is an old mining town on Highway 50. Its location on a major roadway doesn't lessen its seclusion, though—the next town is more than 77 miles away.

 Jordan Valley, Oregon

The town may be small (2.08 square miles) but one thing Jordan Valley is not lacking in is space. its 181 residents 30 miles of green valley.

Jarbidge, Nevada

The site is right on the edge of the Jarbidge Wilderness Area, and is only accessible by two dirt roads, one of which is 80 miles long.

Kalaupapa, Hawaii

This location is an unincorporated community on the island of Molokai, Hawaii's least visited major island. It is the lowest in the country as per the latest census.

 Mentone, Texas

Mentone is the only township within Loving County. It is the second least populous county in the country, and Mentone is home to most of its 95 residents.

Arthur, Nebraska

Little Arthur may not have a lot of town (pictured) but he does have a lot of heart. their church is actually made of straw.

 Winnett, Montana

Winnett has a population of 506 people, and is one of the least populated counties in the country. The city convened its third jury in 2007. There's not much around Vinette.

Shelter Cove, California

Located on the aptly named Lost Coast, the site saw a massive population decline in the first half of the 20th century, leaving much of the land undeveloped.

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