10 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Whether you're just looking for a dreamy place to visit during your next trip, here are some of the most romantic places in Europe. Click through the slideshow to take a romantic tour of the continent

Located on the banks of the RhĂ´ne River, thanks to the picturesque Palace of the Popes, a building that serves as a reminder of the short period the city was the seat of the papacy.

Avignon, France

Segovia sends heart aflutter with its combination of enthralling history and enchanting streets. Many people make the trip here from Madrid for the day.

Segovia, Spain

The largest city in Switzerland’s Italian-speaking Ticino region, Lugano sits on the shores of namesake Lake Lugano and feels much more Mediterranean than Alpine.

Lugano, Switzerland

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Venice, Italy

Ghent, Belgium

Heidelberg, Germany

Lisbon Portugal

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Krakow, Poland

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