The most romantic hotels in Greece

Ocean views, sunsets, and sultry, starry nights – the essential elements of a romantic vacation are very accessible in Greece. You don't have to honeymoon in Greece for their charm.

Nicknamed the supermodel of the Greek Islands, it’s only fitting that A-list favourite Nobu plants a flag in a prime position on Santorini.

1. Nobu, Santorini

2. Cali Mykonos

A world away from the party animals and tacky tat of Mykonos town, newcomer Cali was born from a simple vision.

3. Nos, Sifnos

4. F Zeen, Kefalonia

5. Oku, Kos

6. The Vasilicos, Santorini

7. Eros Keros, Koufonisia

8. Verina Astra, Sifnos

9. Aristide, Syros

10. Shila, Athens

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