movies and TV series inspired next trip

What movie or TV show inspired your travels? Here, Lonely Planet staffers share the destinations that have jumped off the screen and onto their travel wishlists.

The Second Season Of The White Lotus Is A Love Letter To Sicily. From The Palazzo To The Streets Of Palermo, All The Scenes And Locations Are Gorgeous.

The White Lotus: Sicily, Italy

The HBO adaptation of Elena Ferrante's best-selling novel about childhood friends in post-war Naples is arguably one of the most beautiful shows on TV.

My Brilliant Friend: Naples, Italy

 Camino del Santiago, Spain & Portugal

Thelma and Louise: Utah, USA

Gomorrah: Naples, Italy

The Sound of Music: Salzburg, Austria

Everest: Nepal

The Marseille Trilogy: Marseille, France

Midsommar: Sweden

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