Most Naturally Beautiful States in the U.S.

National parks, picturesque, snow-capped peaks, and spectacular black-sand beaches can all be found in these states.

10. California

In the Golden State, nature's richness is clearly visible. There are nine national parks and 280 state parks.

9. Alaska

In his 1915 book "Travels to Alaska," the renowned naturalist and "founder of the national parks" John Muir wrote:

8. Utah

Outdoor and winter sports fans have long come to Utah in droves to take advantage of the state's world-class resorts and snow-capped mountains.

7. Colorado

Although it is technically true that Colorado's terrain is dominated by its soaring peaks - after all

6. Hawaii

Despite being one of the smallest states in the union, Hawaii has a lot to offer in terms of scenery.

5. Arizona

You only need to glance at the Grand Canyon to realise how wonderful Arizona is.

4. Washington

3. Wyoming

It's simple to understand why Wyoming is regarded as one of the most beautiful states in the union

2. Massachusetts

Massachusetts makes up for what it lacks in drama with picturesque beach views and beautiful mountain landscapes.

1. Florida

Florida has become as the classic holiday spot thanks to its sun-drenched beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

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