Niagara Falls
Waterfall in North America

The summer season (June to August) is the peak season, so there are crowds of tourists.

Best Time To Visit Niagara-Falls

Buffalo-Niagara International Airport in Buffalo serves New York, Buffalo and Southern Ontario (Canada).

How To Reach Niagara-Falls

Route 55T (the Trolley) of Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority runs frequently through downtown Niagara.

Transport In Niagara-Falls

The city has only 50193 residents. The majority of the population are White (70.5%).

People Of Niagara-Falls

English is spoken by everyone in Niagara Falls, Apart from English.

Languages Of Niagara-Falls

The region was dominated by Native Americans before the 17th century when European migration began.

History Of Niagara-Falls

Culture Of Niagara-FallsNiagara Falls has a rich history. That, combined with its popularity as a tourist destination makes it a Culture.

Culture Of Niagara-Falls

Niagara Falls experiences hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters.

Weather Of Niagara-Falls

Niagara Falls is situated in western New York. It lies near the international border of USA and Canada.

Map Of Niagara-Falls

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