Places for Hiking in San Antonio, Texas

Rio Medina Trail

Located within the Medina River Natural Area, this trail is well-marked, super accessible, and packed with wildlife.

Wilderness and Wildlife Trails

The woods and wildlife trails at Brackenridge, one of San Antonio's best parks, make for a great morning or evening trip just 10 minutes from downtown.

Library and Comanche Loops Trail

This short and sweet loop in Comanche Lookout Park is suitable for all skill levels and super accessible from downtown San Antonio.

Prairie, Painted Bunting, Barred Owl, and Live Oak Trail Loop

This loop swaps heart-pumping cardio for leisurely stroll through open meadows, prairies, and towering oak trees.

Golden-cheeked Warbler Loop

This easy, wooden loop in Guadalupe River State Park is the Goldilocks of hiking trails.

San Antonio River Walk Mission Reach Trail

San Antonio while sightseeing at the same time should definitely visit the River Walk Mission Reach Trail.

Hillview Nature Trail Loop

This moderately challenging hike is located in Eisenhower Park, just 25 minutes from downtown San Antonio.

Main Loop to Vista Loop to Fern Del Trail

The Friedrich Wilderness Park is home to 10 miles of trails and some of the country’s best bird-watching.

Mount Ol’ Baldy

If you want to move a bit beyond hiking in San Antonio itself and are hoping to see more of Texas Hill Country, Mount Of’ Body is the place to be.

Cougar Canyon to Hermit’s Trace Loop

This loop in the gorgeous Hill Country State Natural Area is one of the lesser-known hikes near San Antonio.

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